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Raid prevention is fragile since raids can be conducted by a large group of long-time Discord users, catching them is between hard to impossible.
Nino provides a way for moderators to stop an ongoing raid using lockdown. Lock your channels for specific roles seamlessly.

x!lockdown [channel], [channel] ... <--roles=+role/-role/role ...> <--release>

Locks down (or releases from a lock) one or more channels for one or more roles.


channel - A channel to lock down. (can be repeated for more than one channel). If one of the channels is the word 'all' it will lock or release all of the channels.


roles - The roles to modify permissions of. (can be a list for more than one role). When not releasing the lock, one should add + or - before each role identifier to specify whether to give permission or take it.
release - When the flag is true, instead of locking down the channel, the bot resets the permissions to before the lock occured.

Some Notes

Channels are backed up independent of other channels, so releasing can be done in multiple steps.